Friday, November 16, 2012

A Suspicious Phone Call On Payday Loans

Taking out an online payday loans is one of the alternatives available to help people get a way out from their financial crush. Otherwise, there are many scammers who take an advantage for this. You must not be fooled into paying out of money to these scammers. When you get a very suspicious phone call about a payday loan, you need to do several things.
First, you can simply as the caller to send you the loan information in writing. You have to ensure that whether the caller is a good or bad person. Second, you just need to refuse verifying any bank account, personal information, and credit card over the phone. It is very risky and can even put you into more troubles. Third, you can report the telephone threats to the Federal Trade Commission. Fourth, you can find help by filing an online Better Business Bureau complain. Letting others know about the scam is very important.
Finally, you can find out any consumer protection laws or state debt collection by contacting your state attorney general’s office. What is more, you have to know that a debt collector must not threaten to have you arrested if you do not pay.

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